After carrying out a series of experiments and also clinical studies in the last few years, medical scientists have concluded that cholesterol-lowering medicines alone are most often ineffective in managing cholesterol degrees as well as minimizing the danger of cardiovascular disease. Clinical scientists assert that without appropriate diet plan and also regular exercise, cholesterol-lowering medicines could neither protect against cholesterol accumulation nor reverse the damage triggered by cholesterol deposition inside the organism. No matter or their nature, cholesterol-lowering medicines are just reliable when sustained by a correct dietary strategy and a lot of physical exercise. Obese persons who comply with treatment with cholesterol-lowering medications are additionally suggested to reduce weight in order to maximize the effectiveness of such medicines as well as significantly lower the threat of cardiovascular disease.

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The results of several lately performed medical experiments have actually plainly suggested that even the most effective cholesterol-lowering medications are no alternative to correct diet and regular workout. Inning accordance with researchers, the danger of cardiovascular disease increases proportionally to poor cholesterol degrees (poor cholesterol is a viscous, fatty compound that builds up inside the body, obstructing the arteries; the greater the degrees of poor cholesterol, the higher the danger of coronary illness and heart attack) as well as BMI (body mass index). Overweight persons who adhere to treatment with kankusta duo forum could in time have balanced cholesterol levels. A high BMI (due to inappropriate diet plan and also lack of physical workout) could still pose a severe risk to one’s life; due to this fact, whole lots of individuals with weight issues who are carried out treatments with cholesterol-lowering medicines are not risk-free from coronary illness and also various other high-cholesterol associated problems.

One of the most relevant as well as conclusive experiment upon this matter has been recently carried out by a skilled team of medical researchers. The experiment included the engagement of 409 individuals faced with cholesterol troubles, cardiovascular disease and also obstruction of the coronary arteries. The patients were divided into 3 different teams and also were studied over a duration of 5 years. The initial team consisted of 92 subjects that adhered to a doctor-prescribed treatment with cholesterol-lowering medications, kept a stringent diet and also worked out routinely, striving to maintain regular cholesterol levels (LDL – negative cholesterol under the worth of 90 and also HDL – excellent cholesterol over the value of 45). The 2nd team consisted of individuals that really did not take cholesterol-lowering medications, had an undesirable diet plan as well as a literally inactive way of life. The last team consisted of people who adhered to a doctor-prescribed therapy with cholesterol-lowering drugs but maintained no healthy diet and didn’t work out consistently.