This is more true to state that god is all realities, but it is quite tough to express such things in words with any pertinent significance. To understand the answer, you have got to understand the question first. The question uses three words and all those words can be thick and confusing. God is a concept which is used very ambiguously by individuals since everybody has a different vision for God. A reality is an awareness of earth and an approach of how to reside in it. Everyone has their own perspectives and understanding and for that reason everybody has their own version of reality. Fundamentally, real is what you think is real. If several men and women agree on a specific reality then it is known as consensus reality and when this arrangement is based on scientific rigor, then it is known as objective reality.

is God real

The god that you imagine within your own reality is simply that   a vision. However, the same can be said of yourself, who you are simply a vision in God’s reality. God is not so much IN a specific reality as he’s the wholeness that permits different realities to exist. God is real and God is not real depends on how you look at it, but largely God is just past the idea of reality.  Well the most important thing is that the world is in a constant state of change. Planets are constantly in gravitational motion around their respective suns. Stars finally perish in great supernovas, new stars are born inside nebulae. Entire galaxies are in movement, some even colliding into each other. We also know that the world is expanding at a fast rate. It seems to be moving outwards from a central starting place.

God is always caring for you, whether you are driving down the freeway at 75 mph, or walking through a park. As children, we are taught to think, that is God real protector of the planet and is constantly looking out for us. This appears to bring us comfort, as we go through our everyday lives.  It just does not make any sense, if you really devote the time, to consider it. God will make people’s lives miserable if they do not follow him, yet I know loads of people who are unhappy and follow him. You are really going to devote your entire life believing in your own God, rather than questioning his presence or even the roots of your faith.